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Diccionari de relacions internacionals


Diccionari de relacions internacionals - Presentació

© Author and publisher: TERMCAT, Centre for Terminology, 2023 (First edition: 2018)
With the support of: Government of Andorra
In collaboration with: Government of Catalonia. Ministry for Foreign Action and European Union


The online dictionary Diccionari de relacions internacionals (‘Dictionary of international relations’) gathers 1300 terms related to the field of international relations and their legal framework. Each terminological entry contains the preferred denomination in Catalan and the corresponding synonyms, if any; equivalents in Spanish, French, Italian, English and Arabic; a definition in Catalan, and explanatory notes when necessary.

Relations established among actors across state borders are basic in today’s global world. That is the reason why it has been deemed convenient to publish a dictionary on international relations. Such a dictionary gathers terminology related to international relations and international actors, the legal framework —that is, public international law and Union law— and their areas of cooperation, such as the maintenance of international peace and security, human rights, humanitarian action and development cooperation, international trade, or monetary and financial cooperation and foreign investment. General terms on social sciences and law have not been included in the dictionary. It only defines specific or relevant terms on international relations.

This online dictionary is the result of the collaboration between TERMCAT, the Government of Andorra, the Ministry for Foreign Action and European Union and other experts in the field, all of them referenced in the Work team document.

Clicking on "Consulta de termes" ('Term search'), terms can be looked up in three ways: using the alphabetical indexes (there is a different index for each language), using the thematic index, or making simple or advanced searches in the upper space "Text de la consulta" ('Text search') in any of the dictionary languages.


Work team
Foreword (printed edition)
Introduction (printed edition)
Concept diagram

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Author and publisher:



With the support of:

Govern d'Andorra


In collaboration with:

 Departament d'Acció Exterior i Unió Europea


TERMCAT, CENTRE DE TERMINOLOGIA. Diccionari de relacions internacionals [en línia]. 2a ed. Barcelona: TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia, cop. 2023. (Diccionaris en Línia)


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